Creating Content

Content is King.

Your screen is a giant canvas - you need great content to turn it into something that people want to look at. Whatever your requirements for your screen, we're on hand to help - whether that's helping you make your own content from scratch or creating great content especially for you.

Branded content channels

Engage and entertain your audience - and generate additional income

ADI’s Branded Channels provide a new way to provide fresh, entertaining content for your customers alongside a high impact promotional platform for you and your partners.


Content is delivered live from select social media channels. We’ve specifically chosen the most popular channels that update frequently and contain rich, graphical media, making them perfect for big screens.


Each channel has a dedicated branding area which you can fill with your own branding or partner logos.

Branding is simple to do and we offer the ability for you to easily manage this yourself if you wish so you can change it as often as you like.


Scheduling your channels in your CMS is simple. Simply drag the widget from your content library into your playlists, exactly as you would any other piece of content!

Helping you make great content

It's never been easier to make your own content. Gone are the days when you needed to employ a professional designer with a hugely expensive graphics machine to create all of your content. There are now countless free and low-cost programs and websites that allow you to easily create great promotional content from scratch or to edit the video clips you've shot into decent videos.

The Resources section of our blog is the place to go to get our latest reviews and guides to the best software to use. We also regularly publish graphics and templates that you can use to help make your content look better. Films

Bespoke content creation

For bespoke high quality content, look no further than ADI's in-house Production department. We regularly work with some of the world's biggest brands, events and football clubs and most importantly we know what works on the big screen.

Check out some of the clips below and then visit our dedicated site at to find out more.