Managing Content

A complete suite of services and software to make creating and managing your screen content a breeze.

Complete content management systems to make management of your screens a breeze.

Content Management Made Easy

Managing your content effectively is as important as choosing your screen. You're creating and curating your own channel so you need a Content Management Solution (CMS) that allows you to do this as simply as possible.

All our screens come with dedicated software that allows you to manage your content effectively and ensure your screen is never left wanting for great content.

How does it work?

Manage & Schedule

Manage and schedule your content from a browser on practically any internet enabled device.

Cloud CMS

Your CMS (Content Management System) is cloud based - all of your content is stored on Microsoft Azure cloud servers, making it accessible from anywhere in the world.

Screen Control

Your screen content and movements are managed by the Screen Control PC in your control room which is in constant contact with the cloud servers.

Choices to Suit Your Solution

Our bespoke content management platform comes in three different flavours, depending on your budget and requirements. Even at the lower end, we offer advanced features and simple operation as standard, whilst our Silver and Gold options allow for simple management from any internet enabled device.

Our CMS is intuitive to use with a simple drag and drop interface, whilst powerful "widgets" allow for custom content and actions to be easily scheduled.

What should I choose?


Our Bronze CMS offers a fully featured scheduling platform that can be managed by any computer on the same local network. Whilst it doesn’t have our Content Channels or the ability to play social media streams, you can easily create and schedule video and graphical content to play as you choose.

Recommended For:
- Digital Signage Applications
- Customers who wish to make infrequent changes to playlists
- Single Screens managed locally


Our Silver CMS has a similar feature set to the Bronze, but can also be managed from anywhere in the world - all you need is an internet connected device, even a smart phone! Silver also allows you to schedule live television and social media onto your screens.

Recommended For:
- Customers with a good library of content to use
- Customers who wish to make regular changes to schedules


Our Gold CMS has all the features of the Silver but also comes with access to all of our Content Channels. These deliver the latest news stories direct to your screens, all of which can be branded to generate additional revenue. Gold comes as standard with Epoch screens and allows for simple drag and drop control of screen movements.

Recommended For:
- Epoch screens
- Customers who require additional content and revenue generating content for their screens

Bronze Silver Gold
Local Management Yes Yes Yes
Remote Management Yes Yes
Local Graphics Yes Yes Yes
Local Video Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic Feed Web Yes Yes
Dynamic Feed TV Yes Yes
Weather Widget Yes Yes Yes
Content Widgets - Standard Yes
Content Widgets - Custom Yes
Content Scheduling Yes Yes Yes
iPad / Mobile Control Yes on local network Yes Yes
Live TV (Broadcast ie. ATEM) Yes
(ability for) Live TV (Freeview) Yes Yes

Bespoke Content Management

Our more complex installations require a more complex solution to manage their content. We can spec and provide a full custom-built interface built to your individual needs.

Project Highlight

Our installation at Jaguar Landrover's factory in Castle Bromwich features a giant "fractured" screen spread across the exterior wall, supported by 2,500 additional LED nodes surrounding the screen.

Our content management system gives the customer the ability to operate the whole screen as a single piece of content or run multiple streams across each different section of the screen. All content can be playlisted and scheduled and intelligent processing ensures that the surrounding LED nodes play washes of colour that support whatever is on screen at the time.