Service & Maintenance

Complete service & maintenance solutions to keep your screens looking great day after day, year after year

  • Comprehensive warranty – includes parts and labour
  • UK wide team
  • 364 day a year operation
  • Fast response
  • Scheduled servicing
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24 hour screen monitoring
  • Remote diagnostics

Expert Care

Because we manufacture your display, we understand how best to look after it. We know each component inside out. That means our engineers have the knowledge and skill to expertly care for your display in order to maximise its lifespan. It also means you’ll never run out of spare parts should you need them.

And you’re not on your own after that warranty period. We’ll work with you to deliver a service and maintenance plan at regular intervals that keeps your display looking its best.

Fast Response Monitoring

Because our LED installations span the length and breadth of the UK and Europe, our engineers are never far away should you need us.

Our IP cameras can monitor your screen 24 hours a day, and our remote diagnostic tools mean that even if we can’t solve your problem instantly, our engineers know exactly what is needed to make any repairs as quickly as possible.