Each season, ADI provide live matchday entertainment for millions of fans at over 400 matches.
Complete production and broadcast solutions to activate your stadium hardware platforms and engage with your fans.


Completely bespoke programming crafted by ADI’s dedicated production teams


Full matchday production service delivered by ADI over the Live Venue Broadcast Fibre Network


Powerful content platforms that entertain fans and activate partnerships

Our Team is Your Team

Amazing matchday content. Crafted, edited and delivered by ADI’s dedicated matchday content teams.

We work hand in hand with club matchday teams to imagine and create bespoke programming that connects to their fans in their language.

Whilst our Production team might be sat in a studio miles from the stadium, each matchday is a true collaborative process between our team and the Club team that stretches far beyond the 90 minutes.

Live Venue Connectivity

ADI’s Live Venue Broadcast Fibre Network allows us to deliver matchday programming live from our European Operations Centre in Lancashire.

With no need to invest in stadium broadcast studios, Live Venue centralises equipment, skills and expertise, ensuring ADI’s exceptional quality levels are consistently delivered, match after match.

Each year, over 400 full matchday productions are broadcast live from the 14 purpose built Live Venue galleries as well as thousands of live digiBOARD digital perimeter playouts.

Channel Creation

Your matchday channel is the presentation of your club to your most ardent fans. Carefully crafted to embody the identity and soul of your team, your ADI matchday channel is a fresh, bespoke identity; the result of extensive consultation and collaboration with the club media team.

Once agreed, we create a full suite of graphics and assets to be used throughout the season.

Social Media Walls

Social Media Walls not only add value to the fans and atmosphere within the stadium, they also encourage Fan Generated Content and amplification of the matchday spirit far beyond the stadium walls.

ADI’s SociaLive is a complete social media platform allowing clubs to easily aggregate, moderate and display content on the big screens or across any connected stadium screen.

Your bespoke design also features branding opportunities and sponsored posts to allow for easy activation of club commercial partnerships.

Live Gaming

Connect directly with fans in their seats or in the fanzone with Piing gaming. A range of fun big screen games that anyone can play – all you need is a mobile phone!

Piing games are designed to be simple to play and can features hundreds or thousands of players at one time! Ranging from a giant game of pong to fully-featured live quizzes, all are easy to enter and easily brandable either with club crests or sponsor logos. They’re also the perfect platform to give away sponsor prizes in pre-match or half-time games.

Our partnership with Piing allows us to offer their games as a fully managed service, integrated directly into the matchday programme.

Cloud Editing & Media Asset Management

Centralise, organise and collaborate on your club media assets on one easily accessible platform.

Whether you’re at the stadium, training ground or working from home, ADI’s Cloud Editing platform puts your club’s digital assets at your Content Team’s fingertips wherever and whenever you need them.

It’s an all-in-one solution featuring a powerful Media Asset Manager, Cloud-based Adobe editing environment and access to thousands of existing matches already in the archive.

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